LookJeab Browse BOT

LookJeab Browse BOT is a fake robot, it browse website by using URL list file and display in mini browser. User can manipulate the list file and setting time counter for open or close mini browser and the file list.

The file list is (JUL) XML text format so you can see the schema in test.jul file after install. LookJeab are developed by using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005. If you want to contribute or help us you must have Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005, .NET Framework 2.0 then commit or check out project repository's which list below.

LookJeab can use for WWW monitoring or WWW test load. It depend on you BUT don't use this application for DDOS Attack!!

  URL Graber & URL list creater



  Minimize in system tray but still working!





You can check out LookJeab project source code's at SourceForge .NET



If you found some bugs or have any ideas to suggest, please contact Mr. Anoochit Chalothorn.

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